Jordy van den Boom

An agency with different services to upgrade your personal image

Our growing drive for the perfect life is starting to become a serious social problem. We want the perfect relationship, the perfect job, perfect children and the perfect holiday. And so we often put on a front that shows us as better than we really are. We’re all too often more focused on what others think of us instead of what we really want for ourselves. And this is resulting in increasing numbers of severe depression. And the behavior is reinforced on social media where it’s relatively easy to paint a better picture of yourself. On Facebook and Instagram, it’s as if everyone around you always has a great and perfect life. Unfortunately, this doesn’t get enough attention.

SiRE wants to change this and put this problem on the agenda. So how can we wake the Netherlands up?


How can we get people to realize that our urge for perfection has gone too far.


The Good Life Agency; an agency with different services to upgrade your personal image. We launched it as if it was a real: with a founder, a website, radio ads, a registration at the chamber of commerce and movie to sell our services. In total, we reached 33.5 million people and 400 registrations in less than a week.