Do we need a disovery phase?

How does this work?

Go through the questions and check the ones we have

If you can CHECK all the statements, based on evidence rather than assumptions, you can confidently say you don't need a discovery and can jump to design.

If on the other hand you answer NO to one or more of these statements, you will need at least some defree of discovery work.


We have a clear problem statement

We know who we are solving it for

We have a clear overview of the current situation

We have evidence that solving this problem will bring value to the user (desirability) and/or the business (viability)

We already have a solution

We have evidence that users will be able to use this solution (usability)

We know which technical solution to adopt and its dependencies (feasibility)

We know the solution is the best compromise between desirability, viability and feasibility we can achieve in the time we have

We planned how we will measure the success of our solution once it is released